Wei Ling Yi in Los Angeles

Only a few weeks ago, Wei Ling Yi has returned from America, and now he is already in China, the country where the roots of the YiXue, the Great Lotus System, itself are based. As the culture of the cosmos and the soul, the essence of YiXue's teachings is universal, timeless, and universal in its essence, which deeply touches many people around the world and brings them back to their own roots. Thus Wei Ling Yi's deep desire is to make the theory, methods and path of holistic life-cultivation of the body, heart and soulavailable to as many people as possible.

In this light, this year Wei Ling Yi started his international “teaching tour“ from March 8th to March 20th in Los Angeles, California. Through an intensive two weeks of YiXue health lectures, teachings and personal energy transmissions in the PU LIAN TANG, the sacred Lotus Hall, and in his unique, inimitable and humorous way, Wei Ling Yi opened once more the treasures of the YiXue teachings as well as the hearts and souls of the Americans (participants). With his simple but profound teachings of “unification of body, heart and soul“Wei Ling Yi emphasized how important physical health is, as it is the basis for longevity and higher levels of awareness and enlightenment. By opening the natural access of the lotus friends to the source of all life, the Yi Qi, Sifu Wei Ling Yi has been able to regenerate their health and let them also experience YiXue’s novel and holistic self-realization way to develop and “nourish” their soul.

During his stay Wei Ling Yi introduced, once more, the Pu Lian Tang in its uniqueness and importance to the US lotus students, practitioners and lotus friends. The Pu Lian Tang is unique as it is the meeting place for the reception of Wei Ling Yi’s Lotus and YiXue information for good health, longevity, beauty, abundance, harmony for the family and peace. It is a unique opportunity for all lotus friends from Los Angeles Lotus Home to use this special opportunity to practice and cultivate regularly in the Pu Lian Tang.

Another highlight for the Lotus friends during the stay was the energy transmission under the motto “Health, Beauty and Harmony for Mother Earth” on March 20th (Spring Equinox) at 09:15 am at the Pacific Ocean beach at Santa Monica. Los Angeles lies in the middle of the dangerous and active earthquake zone of the “Pacific Fire Ring”, where tectonic plates collide. For the last 14 years, Sifu Wei Ling Yi harmonized and regulated the energies of the earth to help sustain her health, beauty and harmony. The cosmological conditions for this year’s transmission were perfect: The spring EQUINOX –brought YIN and YANG into global equilibrium. The whole ceremony was in complete stillness and filled by the radiation of unity, love, peace and compassion. The lotus friends were very thankful for the opportunity to truly and meaningfully contribute to the success of this important humanitarian work by Sifu Wei Ling Yi andto help him to accomplish the goal of “Health, Beauty and Harmony for Mother Earth”.

Testimonials from participants:

J.S. (San Diego)

I have stage 3 cancer of the breast and had pain in my arm for several days due to radiation treatments.  I went to see Sifu and he did a transmission, my pain went away and it hasn’t come back.  And by the next morning, I felt a major improvement in my health.


L.P. (Los Angeles)

The practice of YiXue has been a profound and beautiful way to balance my Qi and reconnect to the divine in the silence of being. The exercises gave me the experience of feeling my own life force tangible with my hands. I also understand that through visualization, intention and soft movement it is possible to release unbalanced emotions and physical energies that stagnant in places in the body. It is a practice that is based on gratitude, a reminder that centering oneself can be achieved through literal alignment with heaven and earth and through applying the symbol of the lotus.


M.L. (Los Angeles)

1. During this difficult time, visiting my mother-in-law in the intensive care unit (ICU) in hospital, it was so helpful to have a diligent practice and meditation every night at 9pm. I felt the meditation to cleanse me and release difficult emotions. I felt energized and felt an energy during the meditation. I also felt happy babies breathe/kisses like cool wind (smiles) around my face – I felt that it was Wei Ling Yi or maybe even my lotus. My fiancé joined in the meditation and he also received something real – an energy- during this time and he has been continuing to sit at 9 pm on his own.

2. Occasionally, during the 9 pm meditation and a few times during the time when Wei Ling Yi and his Yixue team were visiting, I felt, during meditation, that my breath became very low, slow and almost unnecessary. It felt as though I were receiving breath in another way – through my skin. I felt as though I could stop breathing through my lungs, yet I was still breathing.

3. Sometimes during standing on the Lotus, I felt as though I was receiving a transmission of an exercise. My body would begin to move on its own in ways that seemed like an exercise. Often times during standing, my arms open wide to the side. And I feel at some points a release, an ease, that I am being lifted. I feel energized and cleansed afterward. Sometimes, it feels as though the atmosphere changes, and I am somewhere else at the same time as being on earth… the atmosphere feels like cool clouds… sometimes it is warm too… sometimes it might scare me a bit because it is so strange.

4. There was one night during the 9 pm meditation, during my trip to visit my mother-in-law where I saw a bright white light surrounding her in the hospital bed. I wasn’t sure if it was a real vision or just my imagination, but I felt the strong sense that she was being protected by a good energy.