Wei Ling Yi in the fall in Sweden

A seminar tour with Wei Ling Yi from Stockholm to the south of Swedenwith the highlight Sitting on the Lotus, a meditative intensive seminar in silence

Testimonials of participants

The sitting on the Lotus was for me a very beautiful and important experience of higher spiritual   education… I feel really well after the days in Backagården. 

Lena, Ravlunda

Thank you for a wonderful week, such a blessing to be able to meet Wei Ling Yi in Sweden. This is a testimonial of my daughter Emma. She is 20 years old, studies to become a teacher for junior college in religion and government. She is quite used to meditating from a young age and seeing in pictures. She was born with a kyphotic curvature n her lower back. “During the first session of the Sitting on the Lotus, Emma had an very intensive contact in the meditation with Wei Ling Yi. The next evening when she was sitting on the lotus she felt an increasing pain, almost unbearable. Then she had this sensation that a part of her spine was lifted out, then up and then put back in. After the meditation she didn’t have a kyphotic curvature and said “All I need now is the muscles to keep this in place!”

Jane, Höör

Also this autumn a teaching trip to Sweden took place. It started with a lecture evening in Stockholm, which took place in a small circle with very interested participants being inspired from Wei Ling Yi’s comprehensive, profound wisdom
The theme of this lecture – and all the following lectures – was “health of body, heart and soul”. After that evening we went to the south of Sweden, where in recent years already many YiXue groups have been established and numerous seminars have taken place.

In Malmö the next lecture evening took place, in nice rooms with a pleasant atmosphere. It was the second event in Malmö and with over 50 participants it was well visited.

The following weekend, a 3-day intensive seminar “Sitting on the Lotus “took place for the third time in Backagården. This is a seminar center located in nature where the participants were housed in nice simple, solid huts and were fed well. Interested participants from different parts of the country and from numerous Swedish cities – such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsingborg, Jönkoping, Lund, Eskilstuna –  have participated  as well as from Germany and Norway. The participants reported from intense experiences during the three-day seminar, some of which are listed below. The conclusion was a seminar in Eslöv. The seminars were organized by the groups in Ravlunda (Simrishamn), Höör, Eslöv, Lund and Malmo.